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Arm pain Treated With Physiotherapy | Now in Giza, Egypt

(Arm Pain) is a common pain and usually starts with pain from the outside of the shoulder and may extend towards the elbow. Arm problems are characterized by a defect or injury to the skin, nerves, bones, joints, blood vessels, or soft tissue in the arm, all of which may cause pain ranging from light to severe. Physiotherapy is effective treatment to arm pain by physiotherapist.

Causes of Arm Pain:

  • Compression of nerves: This condition occurs as a result of the pressure on the nerves from the surroundings such as bones, muscles, cartilage or tendons, and symptoms include numbness, numbness, acute pain, or muscle weakness.

  • Sprains: Torsion is an extension or a rupture of ligaments or tendons. These are common injuries. Care should be taken to treat home-made spasms, but more severe cases may require surgery. Symptoms of torsion include swelling, bruising, or limited joint movement.

  • Tendonitis: This condition usually affects the shoulders, elbows and wrists, ranging in intensity from light to severe, and symptoms are swelling, feeling pain when touched, in addition to the faint pain.

  • Rotator cuff Injury: People with upper movements in their daily lives, such as painters or baseball players, often suffer from this condition. Symptoms may include dull shoulder pain and weak arm potential.

  • Bone fractures: This condition may cause the pain of the arm is sharp and wide to the farthest, and the person may hear a voice when exposed to fracture bones. Symptoms include bulging, bruising, severe pain, visible deformities, and loss of the ability to turn the palm of the hands up.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is a chronic disorder caused by inflammation that directly affects joints.

  • Heart attack: This condition is not enough oxygen to the heart, and may suffer here from pain of the arm and shoulder in addition to chest pain, neck and back, and angina may indicate a specific heart problem.


Symptom of Arm Pain:

  • Redness.
  • Numbness.
  • Weakness.
  • Swelling.
  • Feeling pain when touching the arm.
  • Limited range of motion.
  • Swelling lymph nodes under the arm.

How to adapt with Arm pain:

  • Take sufficient rest, taking care to avoid exercise movements that will increase the severity of the arm pain.
  • Apply ice bandages. Snowing on the shoulder and arm area can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain, and may be helpful in reducing swelling in the affected area.


Treatment, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture has great effect in treatment of Arm pain and feel better in same session.

Neck pain Treated With Physiotherapy | Now in Cairo, Egypt

Neck pain is pain in the whole or part of the neck and is a symptom of other diseases, most of which is arthritis or may result from neck stiffness due to incorrect sitting positions and prolonged computer use. The neck pain may extend to the shoulder or upper part of the back and may be muscular, nerve or pain in the neck. Physiotherapy treatment is better choice with acupuncture for this case by physiotherapist.

Causes of Neck pain:

  • Inflammation and irritation of the neck muscles.
  • incorrect sitting for long periods.
  • Stress, fatigue and excessive use of neck muscles.
  • Muscle spasm.
  • Protrusions in the bones of the neck.
  • Chronic arthritis.
  • Exposure to shocks and bruises in the neck area.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Meningitis.
  • Some tumors are cancerous.

Symptom of neck pain:

  • Feeling sharp shoulder pain, upper back or lower arm.
  • Increased pain when moving the neck.

How to adapt with neck pain:

  • Take a rest.
  • muscle exercises for the neck.
  • Take a break between long working hours, walking or standing during working hours.
  • The patient can use cold compresses where the inflammation is reduced by placing cold compresses such as placing an ice bag wrapped in a towel on the place of pain for up to 20 minutes several times a day.


Treatment, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture has great effect in treatment of neck pain and feeling better in same session.

Back pain treatment With Acupuncture | Now in Cairo, Egypt

Low Back pain is one of the most common causes of people going to a doctor or absent from work and causes of disability worldwide. Most people experience back pain at least once.

Fortunately, you can take measures to prevent or alleviate most back pain. If prevention fails, simple home therapy or appropriate body mechanics will often heal the back within a few weeks and maintain its function in the long term.


Signs and symptoms of back pain may include:

  • Muscle pain
  • Sudden pain and severe
  • Pain radiated to the leg
  • Limited back flexibility or range of movement


Causes of Back pain:

  • Back pain can come and go for less than six weeks (severe), which can result from falling or carrying heavy weights. Back pain that lasts more than three months (chronic) is less common than acute pain.


  • Often, back pain develops without a specific reason that your doctor can determine by examination or a graphic study. Common cases of back pain include:


  • Muscle strain or ligaments. Repeated lifting of heavy objects or sudden strange movement can cause stress on the back muscles and ligaments of the spine. If you are in bad physical condition, persistent stress on your back can cause painful muscle contractions.


  • Dislocated or open discs. The discs act as pillows between the bones (vertebrae) in your spine. The soft material can protrude inside the disc or loosen and squeeze a nerve. However, it can suffer from an open disc or cantilever without pain in the back. Disc disease is often discovered by accident when exposed to x-ray on the spine for another reason.


  • Arthritis. The osteoarthritis can affect the lower part of the back. Arthritis can sometimes narrow the area around the spinal cord, a condition called narrowing of the spinal canal.


  • MuskuloSkeletal disorders. Back pain can occur if your back bends abnormally. Scoliosis, a condition where your spine can bend inwards, can also lead to back pain, if severe.


  • Osteoporosis. Your vertebrae can develop compression fractures if your bones become porous and brittle.


Conclusion, Acupuncture has great effect in treatment of Back pain in same session.


Best physiotherapist doctor in Sheikh Zayed, Egypt for pain management

Joint Arthritis Treated With Acupuncture | Now in Cairo, Egypt

(Pain Relief )The Chinese acupuncture is a very ancient therapeutic technique of traditional Chinese medicine using fine needles placed at specific points in the body that are used mainly to relieve pain and treat certain cases. The technique has spread around the world recently. In France, for example, one out of five people tested Chinese needles.

  • How Chinese Acupuncture needles work by freeing the body energy when needles are inserted at certain points in the body in 14 tracks of energy, and it stimulates the release of the body of the substance Indrovin, a natural analgesic of pain, and also the use of needles in places that activate the blood circulation.
  • Is acupuncture treatment painfull Chinese needles are very accurate and often do not feel pain when used or feel very slight jerks and you will often feel relaxed and comfortable after use.
  • Chinese Acupuncture needles to treat low back pain You can resort to Chinese acupuncture treatment for lower back pain if traditional treatments do not work. Studies have already shown the effectiveness of Chinese needles for treatment of persistent back pain,
  • Chinese Acupuncture needles for headaches help Chinese needles treat migraines and tension and stress headaches. Studies have shown that people treated with Chinese acupuncture suffer less headaches than those treated with traditional treatments.
  • Chinese Acupunctureneedles for the treatment of FibromyalgiaChinese needles have not proved very useful in the treatment of fibromyalgia (pain in the muscles, tendons and joints) but improve pain and relieve the tension associated with the disease.
  • Chinese Acupuncture needles for the treatment of arthritis Studies have shown the usefulness of Chinese needles in the treatment of arthritis as well as the use of traditional treatments, especially in the case of knee pain, but more studies are needed confirmation
  • Chinese Acupuncture needles used to treat wrist pain Taiwan researchers compared Chinese needles with cortisone for pain and palm pain and showed that people treated with Chinese needle sessions had less pain.

Main Treatment of Acupuncture in this cases:

  • Elbow/wrist/hand pain and injuries
  • Shoulder pain and injuries
  • Hip/knee pain and injuries
  • Ankle/foot pain and injuries
  • Back pain and injuries

Insomnia with Acupuncture treatment In Egypt

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that can lead to difficulty or difficulty in sleeping, or make you wake up early, unable to go back to sleep again. You may still feel tired when waking up. Insomnia can reduce your energy level, your mood, your health, your work performance, and your quality of life. Acupuncture treatment is Effective treatment.

Symptoms of insomnia may include:

  1. Difficulty getting into sleep at night
  2. Waking up from sleep at night
  3. Wake up very early
  4. Not feeling comfortable after sleeping at night
  5. Fatigue during the day and feeling drowsy
  6. Anxiety, depression and stress
  7. Difficulty focusing on tasks, attention and remembering
  8. Frequent mistake or accidents
  9. Permanent concern about sleep

Average hours of sleep per person:

The amount of sleep varies from person to person, but most adults need seven to eight hours a night.

At times, many adults experience short-term (short-lived) thinness, which lasts for days or weeks. This usually happens as a result of tension or a traumatic event. But some suffer long-term (chronic) long lasting for a month or more. Insomnia can be the underlying problem or may be associated with medications or other medical conditions.But you do not need to live with sleepless nights. Simple changes in your daily habits can often be helpful.


Common causes of chronic insomnia include:

  • Stress. To worry about work, study, health, money, or family can keep your mind busy at night, making it difficult to sleep. Life events that cause stress or trauma - such as the death or illness of a loved one, divorce or job loss - can also lead to insomnia.
  • Travel or work schedule. The rhythm of your biological clock acts as an internal clock, guiding things like sleep cycle, wake up, metabolism and body temperature. Disruption of the rhythm of the biological clock may lead to insomnia. Reasons include long-haul flight disruption from multiple time zones, late or early work, or constantly changing work schedules.
  • Bad sleep habits. Poor sleep habits include irregular sleep schedules, siesta, sleep-stimulating activities, an uncomfortable sleeping environment, bed use at work, eating or watching television. Using computers, TVs, video games, smart phones, or other screens just before you sleep can interfere with your sleep cycle.
  • Eat plenty of food late at night. It's okay to have a snack before bedtime, but eating a large amount of food may make you feel physically uncomfortable while lying down. Many people also suffer from heartburn, a reflux of acid and food from the stomach to the esophagus after eating, which may keep you awake.


If you suffering from insomnia just Call us to treatment with acupuncture

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Wenjing Huang of Charité University Medical Center, Berlin, Germany


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الابر الصينيه

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