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Best Acupuncturist in Egypt

Best Chinese medicine Acupuncturist in Egypt

We have heard about Chinese needles a lot, some of them resorting to it as an alternative medicine and some of them equivalent to medical treatment. These needles reappeared and began to rush after people sought their many benefits. This small, thin needle is able to control your body's pain and get rid of your health problems by everyone, but it is not magic, it is a commitment that needs a long breath.

You may not believe in energy theory and what you may do in your body, but the birth of this traditional and complementary therapy was in a country that lives on the strengths, weaknesses and energy importance of CHI in our lives. Whether you believe in this Chinese theory or not, it has proven effective in treating many diseases and relieving pain.

Best Acupuncturist in Egypt

According to Egypt Acupuncture Website

DoctorSpecialityYearWorking hours
Ahmed RedaAcupuncturist - Physiotherapist2008Sun to Fri 2:00 pm
Mahmoud HasiAcupuncture for Headach2012Sat and Sun 5:00 pm
Sally AshrafAcupuncture2015wed and tue 7:00pm

What do you know about Chinese needles?

"This Chinese treatment has been re-established within the required treatments after it has proved effective and beneficial in the treatment of pain and health problems," explains Acupuncturist Renal Kutati of the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic. Supplemented by medicine, has earned a good reputation as a result of healing people or satisfaction after undergoing Chinese needle sessions.This treatment from China needs specialization and training to be entitled to exercise, it is important to ensure that the trainee received a certificate or special training to know how to use these needles Chinese Nana ".

"The Chinese treatment is based on the energy in the body, this energy travels through channels or corridors, there are more than 360 points in the body that are linked to certain sites in different parts of your body." The theoretical basis of Chinese medicine is that the loss of this energy leads To the incidence of diseases and pain, so people resort to restore the balance of the body and alleviate the pain of various health problems.

But who are the beneficiaries of this treatment?

"All people can benefit from this traditional Chinese treatment, but the degree of healing varies from one person to another depending on the person and his or her medical condition," Kamati said.

* Clearance

* Problems in the digestive system

Pain and cramps in the muscles

Pain in the bone

* Pain in the neck

* Back Pains

* Relieve the symptoms of chemotherapy in cancer

* Stress

* Pain in the body

* psychiatric disturbances

* Used as a pre-operative treatment

Best Acupuncturist in Egypt
Best Acupuncturist in Egypt

Lower Back pain Treatment With Physiotherapy | Now in Cairo, Egypt

physiotherapy back egypt

Low back pain (lumbago) is generally a mixture of symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders or of lumbar spine disorders (lower back vertebrae). Be clinically either acute or chronic. Its symptoms usually lower back pain shows a major development within two or three months of its onset. physiotherapist is best treatment.

In a large number of individuals, low back pain tends to be repeated with varying quality. And a small proportion of those who suffer from them become chronic. Studies show that back pain affects most adults at some point in their lives and accounts for more sick leave.


Lower back pain may result from a severe lower back injury as a result of an accident, such as a car accident or a sudden fall occurs and its victims are usually able to determine exactly when it happened. In acute cases, the infection is likely to be in soft tissues such as disks between vertebrae, muscles, and tendon ligaments.

Lower back pain is generally a combination of symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders or of lumbar spine disorders (lower back vertebrae).

Be clinically either acute or chronic.

During pregnancy 50-70% of pregnant women suffer from low back pain. When the pregnancy period progresses, due to increased fetal weight. Elevated hormones during pregnancy also lengthen ligaments in the pelvis and relax the joints. This change may affect the back-up support.


Its symptoms usually lower back pain shows a major development within two or three months of its onset.

In a large number of individuals, low back pain tends to be repeated with varying quality. And a small proportion of those who suffer from them become chronic.

Studies show that back pain affects most adults at some point in their lives and accounts for more sick leave and disability than any other medical condition.

May result from a severe injury to the lower back as a result of an accident, such as a car accident or fall occurs suddenly and its victims are usually able to determine exactly when it happened.

In acute cases, the infection is likely to be in soft tissues such as disks between vertebrae, muscles, and tendon ligaments.

Beside accidents may result from osteoarthritis or other causes of poor vertebral bone, or also fractures of the lower back spine.

At the bottom of the spine, some patients suffer from colic pain.

Others are from the sacroiliac joint pain.

Chronic lower back pain usually has an unspecified onset, occurring over a long period of time.

physiotherapy egypt

Acupuncture Treatment for Pain First Time in Cairo, Egypt

You may have some fear of acupuncture and what you expect during your visit. Here's a description of what you will do during your first visit and then answer some of the most common questions.

You can choose to complete patient register information before you arrive at the clinic. As soon as you arrive at the clinic, Zen Adviser will confirm your personal contact information, check the attendance of your session, and complete the forms "patient history " If you have not already done so, and ask you to watch a brief video about acupuncture in modern acupuncture. . Afterwards, Zen Adviser will prepare you for Zen Den and guide you to the relaxation station, where you will sit in a lounge-style chair and start relaxing.

Your Licensed Acupuncture specialist will discuss your health concerns, brief you on the acupuncture session and provide treatment.

After the session, the Licensed Acupuncture specialist will answer your questions, provide you with a treatment plan and accompany you outside Zen Den to Zen Adviser. Zen Adviser will collect any required payments and discuss the most affordable way to follow your treatment plan.

Does it hurt?

Generally, acupuncture is not painful, but may produce some kind of sensation at the site of needling.

Worried about needles?

Acupuncture needles are extremely thin, smaller than a single piece of hair.

Where do you needle?

This varies on the ailment. We use distal needling, which is not necessarily at the site of the pain.

What about clothing?

We treat only areas on the body that do not require the removal of any clothing, yet accesses full body health.

Acupuncture Treatment for Pain First Time in Cairo, Egypt
How to Choose the right Physiotherapist in Sheikh zayed

How to Choose the right Physiotherapist in Sheikh zayed? and Get “Zero pain #0”


Physiotherapy or physical therapy, a treatment for the diagnosis, treatment and treatment of many diseases, disorders and disabilities using physical communication methods practiced by a physiotherapist.

The aim of physiotherapy is to restore the body to its normal functions, as well as to cure an injury or disease.The word physiotherapy consists of two parts: physio, which is physical and the second is therapy, ie, the use of physical therapy (massages) and manual therapy to help a person heal.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is always used so that the affected person or patient can recover his or her movement after injury or after exposure to the disease.

Physical therapy is a health-related science and profession that aims to rehabilitate and improve movement disorders in infected or sick people. Physical therapy methods are based on the use of physical means of exercise, stimulation and the use of some devices or by teaching the special skills to help them deal with the situation correctly and thus achieve rapid recovery.



Although physical therapy falls within the realm of traditional medicine, its practice may be carried out by specialized people who have received health education and training.

Physical therapy may address the same injury, and sometimes the other is used to help the patient to compensate for the loss of normal function of a body member can not use. Physical therapy in the past, which was offered to patients and sufferers, was limited to massage procedures and the exercise of the patient for some therapeutic exercises .. This is contrary to what is now in this important specialization.

Physical Therapist

The physiotherapy phase begins by assessing the condition of the patient or the patient either by knowing the medical

What a physiotherapist does
What a physiotherapist does

history of the condition and genetic history and by physical examination. Since the review of the medical history may involve self-judgment of the situation away from objectivity, the physical examination is more accurate but ultimately both important in the accurate diagnosis of the condition And provide the correct treatment for them.

The physiotherapist will also ask a number of questions related to the lifestyle of the person in which he or she is living, such as exercise, diet, work, personal life and stress related to health disorders.

After evaluation, treatment is chosen according to the patient’s specific needs.


What a physiotherapist does:

  • Follow the patient to know the physical problem that goes through.
  • Identify and review treatment options and programs.

Physiotherapy Helping patients with problems:

  • In the spine or joints and bones especially after undergoing surgery.

    Physiotherapy Helping patients with problems
    Physiotherapy Helping patients with problems
  • It treats many disorders related to heart, lung and circulatory disorders.
  • The physiotherapist also helps people suffering from mental disorders, learning disabilities or neurological disorders that affect the brain or the nervous system. How to help patients who require long-term treatment.
  • Rehabilitation of patients after an accident, injury or after stroke.
    More about blood clot ..
  • Supervision of physiotherapists.
  • Taking notes and reports for each patient.
  • Collection of statistics for each patient.
  • Teaching patients and their caregivers how to take care of the situation and avoid complications.
  • To keep abreast of all that is new in the field of physical therapy for use with patients.
  • Contact the other health care centers to know the patient’s condition, and may refer the patient to a specialized medical body in case of need of the situation.
  • The patient or the patient will continue with the physiotherapist for a long period of time to receive specialized counseling and the period will be for a few weeks or may extend for months.

Areas in which physical therapy is applied:



– One of the most common areas where physical therapy is applied is bone and joint injuries, especially after undergoing surgery, either to correct atrophy or deformity. A physiotherapist uses strength and exercise exercises to improve balance and coordination. A physiotherapist may also use electrical stimulation through some weak electrical impulses to stimulate nerve and muscle function.

– Fractures, soft tissue injuries or sports injuries.
– Post surgery.
– Spinal surgery.
– Complex cases that have existed with the person since birth or as a result of an accident or illness.
– A child born with a deformation on one of the limbs or exposed to amputation.
– Children suffering from chronic pain in the bones.

Physiotherapy for Ankle in Cairo

Ankle sprain treated with Physiotherapist | Now in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Foot sprain is known as the ligament, which connects the different foot bones in the joint, which is a strong and flexible tissue linked to the bones. (Ankle) Although the human foot bears the weight of the whole person, (Physiotherapy).

First, let’s understand what Ankle sprain is.

Ankle Sprain is torn or twist of ligament. Injury of torn ligaments of the foot is a relatively uncommon injuries, and rupture of ligaments due to a wrong movement in the foot. which leads to the extension of the ligaments to a large extent resulting in rupture of these ligaments.

Degrees of Sprained Ankle:

The incidence of rupture of the ligaments is dividing into three different degrees depending on the severity of the case. The following is a statement of these scores:

First degree:

In this case, some collagen fibers are tear in the foot, resulting in pain due to local inflammation in the foot injury area.

Second degree:

The damage to the collagen fibers in the foot at this level is greater than the previous grade, accompanied by more severe pain, a wider inflammatory response, and swelling in the affected area of ​​the foot.

Third degree:

This causes a severe rupture of the collagen fibers leading to a complete rupture of the ligaments and separation from the joint, resulting in severe pain, joint instability and the occurrence of joint effusion. Perform surgery to correct damage to the joint.

Symptoms of Ankle Sprain

Accompanying the injury of torn leg ligaments a number of different symptoms and signs, including the following:
Physiotherapy for Ankle in Cairo
Physiotherapy for Ankle in Cairo
  • Feeling very painful in the area around the foot arch. This pain can be feeling at the bottom, upper, or on the sides of the foot. Often, the pain is greater than the pain caused by a broken bone.
  • The appearance of bruises on the foot, swelling.
  • The warmth of the affected area, feeling pain when touched.
  • Feeling of pain when moving, or inability to complete movement.
  • The inability to put more weight on the foot, and this situation is more common in severe injuries.

Anxiety treated with Acupuncture | Now in Cairo, Egypt

Anxiety treated with Acupuncture | Now in Cairo, Egypt
Anxiety treated with Acupuncture | Now in Cairo, Egypt

It is normal for a person to feel anxious or frightened, from time to time. But if the feeling of anxiety is often repeated without any real reason, to the extent that it hinders normal daily life, this person is likely to suffer from anxiety disorder.

This disorder causes excessive and unrealistic anxiety and feelings of fear, which is more than what can be considered a natural reaction to a particular situation. And cause depression and stress

Types of anxiety

Several different types of Anxiety, which include:

  1. Agoraphobia: A fear of fields and presence in public places.
  2. Anxiety disorder due to a medical condition: A type of anxiety is caused by a medical problem and a certain health condition.
  3. Generalized anxiety disorder: Excessive anxiety about doing any activity or engaging in even routine events.
  4. Panic disorder: A series of anxiety and fear that reach its maximum in a few minutes, and may be affected by this type of anxiety and shortness of breath and chest pain.
  5. Selective Autism: Children fail to speak in specific situations such as being in school.
  6. Separation anxiety: It is a childlike disorder of fear and anxiety about separation from parents.
  7. Social phobia: fear of being involved in social events, feeling ashamed and lacking self-confidence.

Acupuncture have great effect in treatment of Anxiety After Sessions

Anxiety treated with Acupuncture | Now in Cairo
Anxiety treated with Acupuncture | Now in Cairo
Where i can find physiotherapy clinic in Sheikh Zayed?

How to find Best Physiotherapy clinic in Sheikh Zayed?

If you are looking for physiotherapist in Sheikh zayed, there is clinic that treatment many diseases like shoulder for who is suffering from shoulder stiffness who cannot move his arm up due to diabetic or direct truma or may be related to sports or work injuries or chronic wear and tear or Other causes of shoulder pain include several forms

Where i can find physiotherapy clinic in Sheikh Zayed?
Where i can find physiotherapy clinic in Sheikh Zayed?

of arthritis, torn cartilage, or a torn rotator cuff. Swelling of the bursa sacs (which protect the shoulder) or tendons can also cause pain.

For who suffering from neck pain or stiffness due to traumatic injury or over pressure work or improper sleeping and bad posture in computer sitting. In particular, the levator scapulae muscle is susceptible to injury. Located at the back and side of the neck, the levator scapulae muscle connects the neck’s cervical spine with the shoulder.

Further more if you experience from back pain or stiffness for same reasons of neck or others like disc bulge or herniated you also can get treatment of that.

The clinic have physiotherapist, acupuncturist and chiropractic that help you to get rid from your diseases.

How to find Best Physiotherapy clinic in Sheikh Zayed?
Best Physiotherapy clinic in Egypt

Physiotherapist in Sheikh Zayed – Doctor Physiotherapy Clinic 6 October, Egypt

Orthopedic Physiotherapy: The human body consists of the musculoskeletal system. Consists of the bone skeleton, the motor part, the muscles that move those bones, and without the muscles, the bones do not move, of course. Doctor The bone and joints are joined by several types of joints. They have cushions that work to overcome the strength of bone friction and have a fluid that is always renewed to maintain the integrity of the joint in Sheikh Zayed Clinic 6 October, Egypt

Bone fracture is the result of fractures, which differ in different types of force that led to bone fracture, there is a closed fracture, a fracture that occurs in the bones without penetrating the skin wall of the body, open fracture, a fracture that breaks it The bones are lateral or longitudinal, deviate from their place and penetrate the skin wall opposite them, and can be seen with the naked eye, and this type of the most difficult species, and requires urgent surgery.

Transverse fracture, which occurs in the width of bones.
Spiral fracture, which occurs as a result of bone exposure to two different forces such as twisting.
Pathological fracture, a fracture caused by bone exposure to various diseases, such as bone cancer and osteoporosis.

After the fixation of the fracture by the surgeon, the role of physiotherapy comes directly, where it has a vital role in restoring the movement of joints and muscles, and use ultrasound devices immediately after the fracture to increase the ability of fracture to heal, and increases the proportion of minerals forming those bones and increase bone density .


The nervous system in humans is composed of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and cerebrospinal nerves. When the brain becomes infected by stroke or a part of the spinal cord, paralysis occurs in different species. There is a paralysis of half that affects one half of the body, right or left, and there is quadriplegia that affects all parts of the body, and there is partial paralysis, which affects either the upper half of the body or the lower part of the body, resulting in injury to the spinal cord, then The affected limbs do not move at all or move very slowly. The goal of natural therapy here is to re-move these affected limbs and then strengthen them and return them to their normal position.


There is a broad base of children suffering from diseases whose treatment depends entirely on physical therapy, such as cerebral palsy, postpartum, postpartum curvature and cervical plexus injuries. In these cases, the doctor relies on therapeutic exercises, strengthening the muscles by disease , And teach the child motor skills such as sitting then standing and then walking. These stages precede the child's ability to crawl and his ability to sit.

Best Physiotherapy clinic in Egypt

Best Acupuncturist in Egypt for Dizziness – Vertigo treatment

Best Acupuncturist in Egypt for Dizziness - Vertigo treatment
Best Acupuncturist in Egypt for Dizziness - Vertigo treatment

There are many cause of dizziness and vertigo, some of them benign and some of them quite serious. One of the common, benign causes of dizziness is displaced tissue within the inner ear, called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). This is especially common among the elderly but can affect adults of all ages. Very often, this problem can be remedied with a simple exercise that helps put the displaced tissue back in place.

A second common cause of benign dizziness is a mechanical problem in the neck, which sometimes presents without any pain in the neck. This type of mechanical problem is frequently solved with simple exercises and posture correction.

At Expertise Physiotherapy andacupuncture, we perform a thorough assessment to determine whether or not the symptoms are due to one of these common causes, and we give the appropriate exercise to do if they are. Results are usually rapid. If the cause seems to be something else, we recommend further medical consultation and provide a note explaining our findings.

Best Acupuncturist in Egypt for Dizziness - Vertigo treatment
Best Acupuncturist in Egypt for Dizziness - Vertigo treatment