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Acupuncture Treatment for Pain First Time in Cairo, Egypt

You may have some fear of acupuncture and what you expect during your visit. Here's a description of what you will do during your first visit and then answer some of the most common questions.

You can choose to complete patient register information before you arrive at the clinic. As soon as you arrive at the clinic, Zen Adviser will confirm your personal contact information, check the attendance of your session, and complete the forms "patient history " If you have not already done so, and ask you to watch a brief video about acupuncture in modern acupuncture. . Afterwards, Zen Adviser will prepare you for Zen Den and guide you to the relaxation station, where you will sit in a lounge-style chair and start relaxing.

Your Licensed Acupuncture specialist will discuss your health concerns, brief you on the acupuncture session and provide treatment.

After the session, the Licensed Acupuncture specialist will answer your questions, provide you with a treatment plan and accompany you outside Zen Den to Zen Adviser. Zen Adviser will collect any required payments and discuss the most affordable way to follow your treatment plan.

Does it hurt?

Generally, acupuncture is not painful, but may produce some kind of sensation at the site of needling.

Worried about needles?

Acupuncture needles are extremely thin, smaller than a single piece of hair.

Where do you needle?

This varies on the ailment. We use distal needling, which is not necessarily at the site of the pain.

What about clothing?

We treat only areas on the body that do not require the removal of any clothing, yet accesses full body health.

Acupuncture Treatment for Pain First Time in Cairo, Egypt

Anxiety treated with Acupuncture | Now in Cairo, Egypt

Anxiety treated with Acupuncture | Now in Cairo, Egypt
Anxiety treated with Acupuncture | Now in Cairo, Egypt

It is normal for a person to feel anxious or frightened, from time to time. But if the feeling of anxiety is often repeated without any real reason, to the extent that it hinders normal daily life, this person is likely to suffer from anxiety disorder.

This disorder causes excessive and unrealistic anxiety and feelings of fear, which is more than what can be considered a natural reaction to a particular situation. And cause depression and stress

Types of anxiety

Several different types of Anxiety, which include:

  1. Agoraphobia: A fear of fields and presence in public places.
  2. Anxiety disorder due to a medical condition: A type of anxiety is caused by a medical problem and a certain health condition.
  3. Generalized anxiety disorder: Excessive anxiety about doing any activity or engaging in even routine events.
  4. Panic disorder: A series of anxiety and fear that reach its maximum in a few minutes, and may be affected by this type of anxiety and shortness of breath and chest pain.
  5. Selective Autism: Children fail to speak in specific situations such as being in school.
  6. Separation anxiety: It is a childlike disorder of fear and anxiety about separation from parents.
  7. Social phobia: fear of being involved in social events, feeling ashamed and lacking self-confidence.

Acupuncture have great effect in treatment of Anxiety After Sessions

Anxiety treated with Acupuncture | Now in Cairo
Anxiety treated with Acupuncture | Now in Cairo

Best Acupuncturist in Egypt for Dizziness – Vertigo treatment

Best Acupuncturist in Egypt for Dizziness - Vertigo treatment
Best Acupuncturist in Egypt for Dizziness - Vertigo treatment

There are many cause of dizziness and vertigo, some of them benign and some of them quite serious. One of the common, benign causes of dizziness is displaced tissue within the inner ear, called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). This is especially common among the elderly but can affect adults of all ages. Very often, this problem can be remedied with a simple exercise that helps put the displaced tissue back in place.

A second common cause of benign dizziness is a mechanical problem in the neck, which sometimes presents without any pain in the neck. This type of mechanical problem is frequently solved with simple exercises and posture correction.

At Expertise Physiotherapy andacupuncture, we perform a thorough assessment to determine whether or not the symptoms are due to one of these common causes, and we give the appropriate exercise to do if they are. Results are usually rapid. If the cause seems to be something else, we recommend further medical consultation and provide a note explaining our findings.

Best Acupuncturist in Egypt for Dizziness - Vertigo treatment
Best Acupuncturist in Egypt for Dizziness - Vertigo treatment
Physiotherapist 6 October - Rehabilitation Treatment in Giza

Acupuncture treatment clinic in Cairo, Egypt

Chinese needles play an important role in the treatment of pain and neurological diseases, which is one of the most visible diseases for the benefit of Chinese needles and the extent of success achieved because of the great mechanism of acupuncture, which affect positively in the body through the mechanisms of work in nervous system and the hormonal system.

How to Find Acupuncture Clinic in Cairo, Egypt

How to find Acupuncture clinic in Cairo, Egypt 
How to find Acupuncture clinic in Cairo, Egypt 

عياده دكتور ابر صينيه في مدينه نصر

الوخز بالابر الصيني هو وسيله للطب الصيني القديم ، والذي يقوم علي إدخال عده ابر رقيقه جدا في جلد المريض في عده مناطق أو بالمرض ، وهو اجراء طبي تكميلي (الطب التكميلي). كما انه يختلف جذريا عن الطرق المختلفة المستخدمة في الطب ويستند الأساس التقليدي للعلاج بالابر الصينية علي الاعتقاد بالطاقة في الجسم ، والتي تسمي خطوط الطول. وهم يعتقدون ان فقدان هذه الطاقة إلى حدوث الامراض وان الوخز بالابر هو واحد ان يتعافى من تدفق هذه الطاقة التي تساعد في العلاج والعافية ، ويستخدم هذا الأسلوب لعلاج العديد من الامراض.

الوخز بالابر هو علاج فعال للألم ويمكنك ان تشعر بشكل أفضل في نفس الجلسه

Acupuncturist Egypt – Treatment with Doctor Acupuncture Clinic in Cairo

Chinese acupuncture is one of the ancient Chinese medicine methods, based on the insertion of thin needles in specific places of the patient’s skin. Chinese acupuncture is a complementary medicine, which is radically different from conventional methods used in traditional Western medicine. Chinese acupuncture is not always based on scientific evidence, as in traditional medicine. by Acupuncturist in Cairo

Acupuncturist Egypt – Doctor Acupuncture Clinic in Cairo

Theoretical basis: The principle of acupuncture is the belief that energy travels through channels in the body called meridians. The Chinese acupuncturists, who hold these beliefs, believe that the loss of energy for their ability to move freely across the body may lead to illness, and that acupuncture can restore Energy flow and restore wellness again.

Some use of Chinese acupuncture: Chinese acupuncturists resort to this method to treat many pathological conditions. But it is often used to relieve pain, such as headaches, back pain, and dental pain. Chinese needles are commonly used to treat certain conditions, such as infertility, anxiety and asthma.

Benefits of Chinese needles: There is some evidence of the effectiveness of Chinese needles in treating a few cases, including migraine and postoperative nausea. On the other hand, there is little or no evidence of the effectiveness of Chinese needles in treating many of the cases that have traditionally been used to treat them, and there is a need for further research on the effectiveness of Chinese needles in the treatment of these cases.

There is no scientific evidence of the existence of energy pathways. However, some Chinese acupuncture scientists and practitioners believe that Chinese acupuncture alerts the musculoskeletal tissue, and that it may be responsible for the positive results observed in some clinical trials. It is important to remember that the feeling of improvement after some treatments may return to a phenomenon called placebo effect, not because of the treatment itself.

Places in Cairo that Practice Physiotherapy with Acupuncture | Now in Egypt

Physiotherapy is a type of therapy that aims to heal physical disabilities and promotes muscle functions of damaged muscles and joints as an alternative therapy. Physical therapy also includes pain management through mechanical movements and other strategies focused on the patient's collection of movements And activities that speed up the rehabilitation process. The area of ​​physiotherapy ensures that a person suffering from any injury or undergoing surgery in the muscles and / or joints returns to normal life, with the help of experts in this field who are known as physiotherapists. They treatment patient in combined acupuncture with physiotherapy to get better effect on your case.

Chinese acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely fine needles into the skin in specific areas of the body, a very ancient treatment for pain relief from Chinese medicine.Chinese medicine explains Chinese acupuncture as a way to balance the flow of energy in the body, which is believed to flow through specific pathways in the body. By inserting needles at certain points along these paths, Chinese acupuncturists believe that the flow of your energy will restore its balance.

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