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DR Ahmed Reda

Physiotherapist Sheikh Zayed – Best Treated with Doctor Physiotherapy Clinic Near Sheikh zayed, 6 October

Physical therapy is development of health and the prevention of disease through understanding the movement of the body and it works to correct and mitigate the effects of disease and injury.

Here are some of the conditions that can be treated by physiotherapy at  Circle 5 clinic :

  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Chronic Pain Syndrome
  • Concussion
  • Dizziness, Vertigo, and Imbalance
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Golfer’s Elbow
  • Headaches
  • Heel and Foot Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
  • Neck Pain
  • Pelvic Floor Conditions
  • Post Surgery
  • Repetitive Strain
  • Rotator Cuff Injury
  • Running Injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Sports Injuries
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • TMJ Dysfunction

Physiotherapy including methods of assessment and treatment of patients and management and supervision of medical treatment services and workers and consult other health systems and the preparation of records and reports and participate in the planning community and projects Future plans in Sheikh zayed with best physiotherapist.


Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

In order for the physiotherapist to provide the full service and sound scientific care of the patients, he must work on the basis of a strong level of understanding with doctors and therapists in work and social service.


The need for physical therapy in the various health fields is growing much more than can be provided by qualified personnel in this field. Many factors include:

1. Rapid progress in medical knowledge and in the application of physiotherapy in the prevention and treatment of growing and diverse situations

2 - Increase knowledge of the problems of chronic diseases and physical and mental disabilities, which resulted in a rapid extension in health care programs including rehabilitation for all age groups

3 - The development of natural and physical therapy programs at the local and international levels in health departments as a result of the modernization of health care systems around the world

4 - Increasing knowledge and understanding that care for chronic patients require specific and specialized methods take into account the psychological, social, educational and professional aspects of the medical situation

5. Increasing the needs of educational programs and their request for advisory and educational services for therapists

Treatment duration depends on your diagnosis, the severity of your impairments, your past medical history, and other factors.  Re-evaluations will be done to assess your progress and your therapist communicates with your physician to help you achieve your therapy goals.

We sees and treats patient for a wide range of conditions and diagnoses.  Please visit our Services for an extensive list of conditions and diagnoses we see patients for.

Physical Therapy at Circle 5 is proud to have therapists who have obtained and achieved advanced certifications in Acupuncture, orthopedics, sports, hand therapy, manual therapy, and Neurology.

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Ligament Sprain injury Treated With Physiotherapy | Now in Sheikh zayed, 6 October

Sprain ligaments is one of the most common injuries that share symptoms and clinical signs, and injury in shoulder, ankle, wrist and knee. but vary in places of injury in the body. A sprain is a stretch or tear in a ligament .Ligaments are a fibrous tissue in the form of a rope connecting the bones and muscles that connect to them. Torsion of the posterior muscles of the femoral or femoral tendon occurs. Muscle (Strains)

The ligament sprain can be treated with comfort, ice compresses and pressure on the affected area with lifting the injured limb for a while. Torsion and minor ligament torsion are usually treated at home, except in some severe cases requiring surgical intervention to treat ligament, tendon, or muscle cutting.

Symptoms and clinical signs vary depending on the severity of the infection. In the cases of torsion, the accompanying symptoms are in the form of pain, swelling, bruising, inability to move the injured limb and sometimes a cracking sound from the joint during injury. , Swelling, muscle contraction and inability to move the injured limb.

Physiotherapy treatment is effective for treatment this cases

Bell’s palsy treatment With Physiotherapist in Cairo, Egypt

(Facial Palsy) Is the seventh nerve of the brain so called the seventh nerve or (Bells palsy) is the control of the muscles on both sides of the face that enable us to express smile, laughter, crying and other expressions of the face so any injury affecting the expression of the facial motor and although Infection in most cases improves automatically, but sometimes the situation requires attention to physical therapy and rapid drug therapy. and patient should treatment with physiotherapy.




Symptoms that occur when the 7th nerve injury (bells palsy):

Paralysis of the facial muscles, weakness or tremors and inability to control them.
Dryness may occur in the mouth.
Disturbance in the sense of taste.
Change the sound tone.
Inability to speak.
Feeling of headaches.
Dryness in the eye may cause an inability to close it due to weak facial muscles.
Pain in the ear in the injured part.
Increased salivation and tears may occur.


Causes of dysfunction in the seventh nerve

Facial injuries, accidents or injuries due to surgery or neonatal injury.
A viral infection in the face or ear, such as the Herpes virus, which affects the facial nerve.
Nervous system injuries such as a stroke in the brain.
Exposure to toxins such as alcohol or carbon monoxide.
It can also occur as a result of exposure to stress or tension and anxiety or due to fluctuations in the atmosphere.
Exposure to cold air.
It can occur after surgery for certain diseases such as cancer.
Bell’s palsy is a common and unknown cause of facial paralysis, but is often associated with diabetes or pregnancy.


Physical therapy treatment for bells palsy:

The work of physical therapy sessions on the face of the specialist doctor on the speed of the return of muscles to work normally and physical therapy includes:

Perform certain exercises for facial muscles.
Use electric pulses and infrared.
Minimize stress.
Follow the methods that help to relax.

Physiotherapy Doctor in Twin Towers for Manual therapy in Egypt

There are more than 20 different techniques for manual treatment, which are adapted to the specific diagnosis and age of the patient. These techniques include manual therapy and muscle extension, pressure point therapy, manual extension therapy, passive pelvic floor balancing and spine vertebrae. Inertial treatment involves balance or orthodontic treatment of the spine adjustment and skeletal joints. Skeletal imbalance, or subluxation, is a factor that directly affects spine performance and indirectly affects all organs of the body.

Osteoarthritis Treatment with Physiotherapy | Now in Cairo, Egypt

Knee Osteoarthritis is a disease caused by the erosion of soft cartilage covering the surface of the bones of the joint, causing erosion to the injury in a smooth movement, which weakens the cohesion of cartilage fractured surfaces, and gradually eroded until the bone is free of cartilage that protects them, More pain. This knee stiffness increases as the age increases. And can be treatment by physiotherapist and Acupuncture.

The symptoms of early knee Osteoarthritis are one of the most common in adults, due to the beginning of the erosion of the knee cartilage in its early stages due to inflammation of the synovial membrane, which produces the fluid responsible for the softness of the joints. Feel this pain so that the situation does not get worse.


Symptoms of early knee roughness:

     Different movement of the knee and walking in the injured due to imbalance of movement of the foot.
     Feeling pain when walking a lot and walking up stairs.
     Swelling and swelling of the knee due to pooling of water.
     Difficulty of joint movement and pain in the knee joint when pressed.
     Hearing the sound of friction inside the joint while moving, due to the corrosion that occurred.
     Muscle cramps and spasms occur around the affected knee joint.
     Tired in the joint after waking up and disappearing after an hour.


Causes of early knee stiffness:

    It is recommended to reduce weight and maintain proper food quality to avoid weight gain.
    Aging As we get older, cartilage becomes weaker.
    Inheritance, there may be factors and genetic causes are responsible for knee roughness.
    Curvature of the legs leads to overloading of specific parts of the joint.
    Knee injury such as inflammation, fractures, rupture of ligaments or cartilage.
    Bad habits and foot stress such as repeating the rise and fall of the ladder and practicing violent sports.
    Arthritis and knee injuries.
    Eating meat and legumes, which increases the proportion of uric acid, which causes the roughness of the knee.
    The joint is exposed to cold air currents, which helps to increase knee stiffness.

Osteoarthritis Treatment with Physiotherapy | Now in Cairo, Egypt

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation treatment Pain in Cairo, Egypt

Heat Therapy: This type of physiotherapy uses thermal treatments that increase the temperature of the biological tissue and cells to degrees ranging from 14 to 54 degrees Celsius or more. These methods are of two types: a type has a superficial effect, a type has a profound effect , Both of which reduce muscle strain in the case of muscle injury, as well as increase the blood pump in the area exposed to the heat, throwing pain causes away from the pain. As soon as the blood pump increases, it is accompanied by an increase in oxygen to those cells, as well as increased nutrition and increased efficiency, and raise the temperature of the nerve delivery speed, which increases the efficiency of the muscles that feed the nerve, and raise the vitality of the skin. These thermal devices help to treat lower back pain and joint pain. There are two other types of thermal therapy, depending on the type of thermal device used: Dry heat means include infrared and infrared radiation, and the other type is moist heat and includes thermal pillows, as well as therapeutic wax pads in treatment Clinic

Electro Physiotherapy: The physiology of the human body confirms that all human cells are electrically charged. Inside the cell there are negative charges and positive charges, and there is a balance between them. When this balance is broken, diseases occur and produce pain. This electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves strengthens various muscles such as Quadriceps muscle, and is used for rehabilitation after knee surgery and cruciate ligament removal surgery (the famous injury to football players), as well as cases of muscle strain. Electroencepsis is not used in patients with heart disease, especially those who have arrhythmias, patients with neurological convulsions, pregnant women, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, and patients with blood pressure disorders.

    Ultrasonic Physical Therapy: There are two types of effects of ultrasound, one of which is a thermal effect, the other is non-thermal. Its thermal effect is to increase the elasticity of the collagen fibers found in the biological tissue, increase blood pumping, Reduce muscle strain, help treat joint stiffness. The non-thermal effect of ultrasound treatment is: the killing of bacteria and viruses in the affected area, activation and repair of the cellular tissue, eliminates the scars caused by various wounds and various surgical procedures.
    Ultrasound can penetrate the infected area until it reaches the bones and is used to treat muscle ruptures and spinal injuries, increase metabolism in the affected area, activate the vital processes that help the treatment quickly, and are used frequently in sports medicine clinics, especially since they proved efficient High in the treatment of muscle dislocations experienced by athletes during the exercise of various sports, such as football, tennis, basket, plane and spear.
    Laser Therapy: The laser beam used in physiotherapy has special characteristics. It is a single wavelength, a type of helium neon. Laser works to increase the speed of healing wounds, and has an analgesic effect, but in cases of osteitis and arthritis, it is worthy of treatment of these chronic infections, and can be applied to the roots of nerves (nerve roots).

    Cryotherapy: Many people may think that snow is not important in treatment, but scientists have proven to be effective in treating many injuries and pain.

    The treatment of the snow immediately after the injury, and reduces the temperature of the affected area, and reduce the rapid flow of blood, which reduces the complications of the injury, and reduce the aggravation, and used by healers immediately to injury to treat the swelling caused by injury, and snow alleviates the pain Immediately after injury, reduces muscle tension.

physiotherapy clinic rehab in cairo egypt

عياده دكتور علاج طبيعي في ٦ اكتوبر لعلاج ألم الرقبه

عياده دكتور علاج طبيعي في ٦ اكتوبر لعلاج ألم الرقبه
عياده دكتور علاج طبيعي في ٦ اكتوبر

آلام الرقبة هي شكوى شائعة. تسبب الم في عضلات الرقبة بسبب الوضع الخاطئ - سواء كنت تميل على جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك أو منضدة على طاولة عملك. هشاشة العظام هو أيضا سبب شائع لآلام الرقبة. نادرا ، يمكن أن يكون آلام الرقبة من أعراض مشكلة أكثر خطورة. ابحث عن رعاية طبية إذا كان ألم رقبتك مصحوبًا بالتنميل أو فقدان القوة في ذراعيك أو يديك أو إذا كنت تعاني من ألم في كتفك أو أسفل ذراعك. بعد ذللك عليك الذهاب الي عياده دكتور علاج طبيعي..


تشمل العلامات والأعراض:

     غالبًا ما يزداد الألم سوءًا عن طريق وضع رأسك في مكان واحد لفترات طويلة ، كما هو الحال عند القيادة أو العمل على جهاز كمبيوتر
شد عضلي وتشنجات
انخفاض القدرة على تحريك رأسك
صداع الراس

معظم آلام الرقبة تتحسن تدريجيا مع العلاج المنزلي. إذا لم يكن كذلك ، راجع طبيبك

اطلب الرعاية الفورية إذا كانت آلام الرقبة الشديدة ناتجة عن إصابة ، مثل حادث سيارة أو حادث سقوط.

اتصل بالطبيب إذا كانت آلام رقبتك:

     الم شديد
يستمر لعدة أيام دون راحة
ينتشر أسفل الذراعين أو الساقين
مصحوب بصداع أو تنميل أو ضعف أو وخز

Foot pain: Causes, symptom and Treated with Physiotherapy – now in Giza, Egypt

Pain of the Foot is a condition where the soles of the foot become painful and inflamed. This situation can show you if you are involved in activities involving running and jumping. There are other reasons as well, including foot deformities and shoes that are too tight or too loose. and treatment by physiotherapist.

Although the pain of the Foot is generally not serious, it may prevent normal activities. Home advice, such as ice and rest, can often relieve the symptoms of aching pain. Wear appropriate shoes with shock absorb or brace supports may prevent or reduce future problems in the case of muscular pain.

Symptoms of Foot pain can include:

  • Acute, painful, or burning pain in the foot - the foot part of the foot behind your toes.
  • Pain gets worse when you stand, walk, stretch your feet or walk - especially when you walk barefoot on a hard surface - and get better when you get some rest.
  • Acute or sudden pain, numbness, or numbness in your toes.
  • The sensation of having a pebble inside your shoes.

Causes of foot pain:

  • Activity or hard training. Runners are at risk of instep pain, because the foot introduction basically absorbs a great amount of pressure when running. But anyone who is involved in high-impact exercise is at risk of developing the disease, especially if the shoe is worn out or misplaced.
  • Certain feet. The high arch of the foot can impose excessive pressure on the instep. Therefore, the presence of a second finger longer than the big finger can cause a larger than normal load to the second comb head.
  • Foot abnormalities. Wear very small or high-heeled shoes may distort the shape of the foot. The flexion of one of the fingers downwards (the toe of the hammer), swelling of the big finger and injury with painful protrusions at the bottom (and capes) to the pain of the instep.
  • Overweight. Because most body weight moves to the front of the foot when moving, more weight means more pregnancy on the instep. Weight loss may relieve or remove the pain of the instep.
  • Shoes with inappropriate sizes. High heels, which carry more weight to the front of the foot, are a common cause of the pain of the instep in women. Narrow shoes from the front or sports shoes that lack the appropriate stent or lining can contribute to the problems of the instep pain.
  • Stress fractures. Small fractures in the bones of your instep or fingers can be painful, making you change the way you put your foot on.

Treatment of Knee pain with Physiotherapy – now in Giza, Egypt

Knee pain is a common complaint for people of all ages. Knee pain may result from injury, such as rupture of a ligament or cartilage. There are also some pathological conditions - such as arthritis and inflammation - that can cause knee pain. and can be treatment with physiotherapist

Many minor knee pain cases respond well to self-care procedures. Physical therapy and the use of knee pads can also help ease knee pain. However, knee pain may in some cases require surgical repair.



The location and severity of knee pain may vary, depending on the cause of the problem. Signs and symptoms associated with knee pain may include:

  • Swelling
  • Redness and feeling of heat when you touch
  • Instability
  • Inability to completely straighten the knee


A knee injury can affect any ligaments, tendons or sacs that surround the knee joint as well as the bones, cartilages and ligaments that form the joint itself. Some of the most common knee injuries include:

  • ACL injury. - one of the four ligaments that connects the bone of the tibia and the femur. ACL is a common injury in people who play basketball, football or other sports that require sudden changes in direction.
  • Fractures. Knee bones, including the top of the knee (patella), can be broken during a car crash or fall. People with osteoporosis due to osteoporosis can sometimes break a knee simply by walking incorrectly.
  • Cystitis in the knee. Some knee injuries lead to inflammation of the sores, small bags of fluid acting as a cushion on the outside of the knee joint so that tendons and ligaments slide smoothly on the joint.
  • Arthritis of the Knee. Tendonitis is inflammation, irritation and inflammation of one or more tendons, the thick fibrous tissue that binds the muscle to the bone. Runners, skiers, cyclists and other participants in jumping sports and activities are susceptible to rotary tendonitis, which connects the quadriceps muscles in the front of the thigh to the large calves.
Physiotherapy knee pain in egypt
Physiotherapy knee pain in giza

Compression of median nerve at wrist Treatment by Physiotherapist in Cairo

The work of the housewife affects her health, including nerve pain such as inflammation, nerve damage and nerve retention. In this report, we identify the various causes of nerve congestion and symptoms, as well as how to treat it.

Peripheral nerves, especially the nerves of the hand, are exposed to many of the effects that cause the nerve of the middle nerve, the nerve between the wrist and the palm of the hand, leading to nerve damage in the end.

Compression of the hand nerve for many reasons:

    Accidents, and the most famous incidents of moccasins.
    Wrong loading on the nerve It is common for women to suffer more because of the large number of manual labor.
    Carry heavy things.


         Kinetic symptoms:

  • Tingling and numbness.
  • Inability to move the injured member.

    Sensory symptoms:

  • The feeling of severe pain in the palm of the hand.
  • Increased pain during the night, especially when sleeping.
    the cure

3 ways to treat hand nerve Compression:

- Complete comfort and distance from causes such as carrying things in the wrong way or heavy things.

- Cortisone injection in the place of weak nerves.

- physical therapy.

- Acupuncture