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Osteoarthritis Treatment with Physiotherapy | Now in Cairo, Egypt

Knee Osteoarthritis is a disease caused by the erosion of soft cartilage covering the surface of the bones of the joint, causing erosion to the injury in a smooth movement, which weakens the cohesion of cartilage fractured surfaces, and gradually eroded until the bone is free of cartilage that protects them, More pain. This knee stiffness increases as the age increases. And can be treatment by physiotherapist and Acupuncture.

The symptoms of early knee Osteoarthritis are one of the most common in adults, due to the beginning of the erosion of the knee cartilage in its early stages due to inflammation of the synovial membrane, which produces the fluid responsible for the softness of the joints. Feel this pain so that the situation does not get worse.


Symptoms of early knee roughness:

     Different movement of the knee and walking in the injured due to imbalance of movement of the foot.
     Feeling pain when walking a lot and walking up stairs.
     Swelling and swelling of the knee due to pooling of water.
     Difficulty of joint movement and pain in the knee joint when pressed.
     Hearing the sound of friction inside the joint while moving, due to the corrosion that occurred.
     Muscle cramps and spasms occur around the affected knee joint.
     Tired in the joint after waking up and disappearing after an hour.


Causes of early knee stiffness:

    It is recommended to reduce weight and maintain proper food quality to avoid weight gain.
    Aging As we get older, cartilage becomes weaker.
    Inheritance, there may be factors and genetic causes are responsible for knee roughness.
    Curvature of the legs leads to overloading of specific parts of the joint.
    Knee injury such as inflammation, fractures, rupture of ligaments or cartilage.
    Bad habits and foot stress such as repeating the rise and fall of the ladder and practicing violent sports.
    Arthritis and knee injuries.
    Eating meat and legumes, which increases the proportion of uric acid, which causes the roughness of the knee.
    The joint is exposed to cold air currents, which helps to increase knee stiffness.

Osteoarthritis Treatment with Physiotherapy | Now in Cairo, Egypt

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