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Bell’s palsy treatment With Physiotherapist in Cairo, Egypt

(Facial Palsy) Is the seventh nerve of the brain so called the seventh nerve or (Bells palsy) is the control of the muscles on both sides of the face that enable us to express smile, laughter, crying and other expressions of the face so any injury affecting the expression of the facial motor and although Infection in most cases improves automatically, but sometimes the situation requires attention to physical therapy and rapid drug therapy. and patient should treatment with physiotherapy.




Symptoms that occur when the 7th nerve injury (bells palsy):

Paralysis of the facial muscles, weakness or tremors and inability to control them.
Dryness may occur in the mouth.
Disturbance in the sense of taste.
Change the sound tone.
Inability to speak.
Feeling of headaches.
Dryness in the eye may cause an inability to close it due to weak facial muscles.
Pain in the ear in the injured part.
Increased salivation and tears may occur.


Causes of dysfunction in the seventh nerve

Facial injuries, accidents or injuries due to surgery or neonatal injury.
A viral infection in the face or ear, such as the Herpes virus, which affects the facial nerve.
Nervous system injuries such as a stroke in the brain.
Exposure to toxins such as alcohol or carbon monoxide.
It can also occur as a result of exposure to stress or tension and anxiety or due to fluctuations in the atmosphere.
Exposure to cold air.
It can occur after surgery for certain diseases such as cancer.
Bell’s palsy is a common and unknown cause of facial paralysis, but is often associated with diabetes or pregnancy.


Physical therapy treatment for bells palsy:

The work of physical therapy sessions on the face of the specialist doctor on the speed of the return of muscles to work normally and physical therapy includes:

Perform certain exercises for facial muscles.
Use electric pulses and infrared.
Minimize stress.
Follow the methods that help to relax.

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