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Knee Osteoarthritis Treated With Physiotherapy | Now in Cairo, Egypt

Knee Osteoarthritis joints, which is one of the most common chronic arthritis diseases; studies indicate the injury of more than 27 million people in the United States of America. The disease may affect any joint in the body, but it is more prevalent in the knee and pelvis and lower back and neck, and it may affect the small joints of the fingers of the hand or foot; in the natural joints there is a hard rubber cartilage covering both ends of bone joint, The cartilaginous piece is the smooth movement of the joint and also acts as a cushion to protect it. treatment with Physiotherapist in Cairo.

Knee Osteoarthritis Treated With Physiotherapy | Now in Cairo, Egypt
Knee Osteoarthritis Treated With Physiotherapy | Now in Circle 5 clinic sheikh zayed

What happens in knee stiffness is the decomposition of the cartilage, resulting in the friction of the bones causing pain, swelling, reduced movement of the knee, and sometimes bone formation. Age is the most serious risk factor for severe knee stiffness, but it can affect young people in rare cases, especially if they have a family history of infection, or have been affected by inflammation or damage to the knee.




Causes of Osteoarthritis of the knee

Age is the most common cause of knee stiffness. Any person who is older must have a certain degree of knee stiffness. There are also several factors that may increase the chance of knee stiffness, including:

Aging: Cartilage is less able to recover with age.
Weight gain: This increases the pressure on the joints of the body in general, as the weight increase in the amount of one kilogram increases the pressure on the knees by 3-4 kg.
Genetic factors: When there are certain genetic mutations, this may increase the chance of stiffness of the knee, and the presence of inherited disorders in the form of bone may expose him more to the severity of the knee.
The chance of getting roughness of the knee increases in women when they reach more than 55 years of age.
Frequent exposure to stress injuries: This occurs for professionals who require too much movement, such as lifting heavy weights, as this is a continuous pressure on the knee, which makes them more vulnerable to roughness.
The incidence of stiffness of the knee also increases in athletes such as football or tennis players because of their frequent running in these sports, so they must be careful not to damage the knee. Doctors are advised to exercise moderately and regularly to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee. The weakness of these muscles may contribute to the severity of the knee.
Suffering from pathological conditions that increase the chance of stiffness of the knee: rheumatoid arthritis, increased iron in the body, or excessive growth hormone secretion.

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