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Physiotherapy Rehabilitation treatment Pain in Cairo, Egypt

Heat Therapy: This type of physiotherapy uses thermal treatments that increase the temperature of the biological tissue and cells to degrees ranging from 14 to 54 degrees Celsius or more. These methods are of two types: a type has a superficial effect, a type has a profound effect , Both of which reduce muscle strain in the case of muscle injury, as well as increase the blood pump in the area exposed to the heat, throwing pain causes away from the pain. As soon as the blood pump increases, it is accompanied by an increase in oxygen to those cells, as well as increased nutrition and increased efficiency, and raise the temperature of the nerve delivery speed, which increases the efficiency of the muscles that feed the nerve, and raise the vitality of the skin. These thermal devices help to treat lower back pain and joint pain. There are two other types of thermal therapy, depending on the type of thermal device used: Dry heat means include infrared and infrared radiation, and the other type is moist heat and includes thermal pillows, as well as therapeutic wax pads in treatment Clinic

Electro Physiotherapy: The physiology of the human body confirms that all human cells are electrically charged. Inside the cell there are negative charges and positive charges, and there is a balance between them. When this balance is broken, diseases occur and produce pain. This electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves strengthens various muscles such as Quadriceps muscle, and is used for rehabilitation after knee surgery and cruciate ligament removal surgery (the famous injury to football players), as well as cases of muscle strain. Electroencepsis is not used in patients with heart disease, especially those who have arrhythmias, patients with neurological convulsions, pregnant women, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, and patients with blood pressure disorders.

    Ultrasonic Physical Therapy: There are two types of effects of ultrasound, one of which is a thermal effect, the other is non-thermal. Its thermal effect is to increase the elasticity of the collagen fibers found in the biological tissue, increase blood pumping, Reduce muscle strain, help treat joint stiffness. The non-thermal effect of ultrasound treatment is: the killing of bacteria and viruses in the affected area, activation and repair of the cellular tissue, eliminates the scars caused by various wounds and various surgical procedures.
    Ultrasound can penetrate the infected area until it reaches the bones and is used to treat muscle ruptures and spinal injuries, increase metabolism in the affected area, activate the vital processes that help the treatment quickly, and are used frequently in sports medicine clinics, especially since they proved efficient High in the treatment of muscle dislocations experienced by athletes during the exercise of various sports, such as football, tennis, basket, plane and spear.
    Laser Therapy: The laser beam used in physiotherapy has special characteristics. It is a single wavelength, a type of helium neon. Laser works to increase the speed of healing wounds, and has an analgesic effect, but in cases of osteitis and arthritis, it is worthy of treatment of these chronic infections, and can be applied to the roots of nerves (nerve roots).

    Cryotherapy: Many people may think that snow is not important in treatment, but scientists have proven to be effective in treating many injuries and pain.

    The treatment of the snow immediately after the injury, and reduces the temperature of the affected area, and reduce the rapid flow of blood, which reduces the complications of the injury, and reduce the aggravation, and used by healers immediately to injury to treat the swelling caused by injury, and snow alleviates the pain Immediately after injury, reduces muscle tension.

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