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Lower back pain is usually the result of a combination of over exertion, muscle strain, or muscle injury or ligaments that support the spine. In other cases, less common, lower back pain is caused by a disease or spinal disorder. And can be treat through Physiotherapy clinic in Cairo.

The presence of the risk factor increases the likelihood of developing the causes of lower back pain. The higher the risk factors, the greater the risk of back pain.

Causes of low back pain

  • The main cause of lower back pain is the exposure of the nerves in the spine to a type of injury that causes an adverse reaction from muscles to protect the nerves and muscles are stretched to the tensile, which is called muscle spasm.
  • Do some sudden movements without creating the body leading to the occurrence of some pain, which is called muscle tension.
  • The occurrence of a hernia in some vertebrae leading to the movement of one of the vertebra and emergence of pressure on the nerves to absorb the pain of the lower back extends to the hips and thighs causing very severe pain, which is called sciatica.
  • Having some problems in the structure of the spine as a torn ligament or cartilage slide causes lower back pain due to pressure on the nerves.
  • The presence of congenital defects in the spine since birth, such as curvature or the presence of some of the bumps or concussions may cause severe pain in the back and bottom. Some bone diseases such as osteoporosis, which causes calcium deficiency and bone mass, leading to the presence of fragile brittle bones may be broken at any time and when any effort and these fractures may lead to severe pain.
  • Some arthritis, such as osteoarthritis, increases the pressure around the vertebrae, causing severe pain. Chronic osteoarthritis causes spondylitis and causes chronic pain in the lower back area. Weight gain that causes increased pressure on the spine and muscles, as carrying heavy bags daily leads to lower back pain.
  • The spine may become infected with bacterial infections, causing pain. Bacterial infection is not limited to spinal infection only. A bladder infection or infection in the kidneys also causes lower back pain.

Finally, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture has great effect in treatment lower back pain in same session

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