Sheikh Zayed
الشيخ زايد - توين تاورز - مبني سي - الدور السادس - عياده م
N 90th street - New Cairo
التجمع الخامس - تريفيوم بيزنس - الدور الثاني - عياده 211

Our Vision

We aims to assist patients in restoring, restoring, maintaining or improving their vital functions, the Clinic's specialists have expertise in working with a variety of situations in which the movement of the body has been affected by aging, illness or environmental factors, Who were injured during work, during exercise, or in accidents. And To be a company that attracts, rewards, and retains highly skilled physical therapy staff. Our proactive approach to the development of best business practices and promotion of effective treatment methods will help us accomplish this.

Our Philosophy

Circle 5 Clinic is committed to providing high quality outpatient Acupuncture and physical therapy services in beautiful state-of-the-art facilities.

Our physiotherapists not only deal with the symptoms of pain, they tend to study the root causes of health problems and start a thorough analysis of the nature of the condition to find out the source of the main problem, all within the framework of an organized therapy program.

As a healthcare leader we partner with groups and events within the communities we serve. Our focus on our physical therapists continuing education is unmatched and guarantees our physical therapists understand and put into practice cutting-edge treatments and rehabilitation techniques available for all types of injuries and conditions.

Our Mission

We are professionals to help our Patients to restore their lifelong function, fitness, and well-being.

High Quality

We not only deal with the symptoms of pain, they tend to study the root causes of health problems. take a goal-oriented approach to healing. Whatever your goals might be we want to help you achieve them

Patient Care

Personalized Treatment You will receive a full individualized treatment  We’ll provide hands-on treatment  you can take home with you, enabling you to become an active participant in your recovery and future physical health.

Professional Service

Our physical therapists and Acupuncturist have clinical experience and a shared passion for helping our community stay active.

Circle 5 clinic

Dr. Ahmed Reda Chiropractic
Dr. Ahmed Reda