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Acupuncturist Egypt – Treatment with Doctor Acupuncture Clinic in Cairo

Chinese acupuncture is one of the ancient Chinese medicine methods, based on the insertion of thin needles in specific places of the patient’s skin. Chinese acupuncture is a complementary medicine, which is radically different from conventional methods used in traditional Western medicine. Chinese acupuncture is not always based on scientific evidence, as in traditional medicine. by Acupuncturist in Cairo

Acupuncturist Egypt – Doctor Acupuncture Clinic in Cairo

Theoretical basis: The principle of acupuncture is the belief that energy travels through channels in the body called meridians. The Chinese acupuncturists, who hold these beliefs, believe that the loss of energy for their ability to move freely across the body may lead to illness, and that acupuncture can restore Energy flow and restore wellness again.

Some use of Chinese acupuncture: Chinese acupuncturists resort to this method to treat many pathological conditions. But it is often used to relieve pain, such as headaches, back pain, and dental pain. Chinese needles are commonly used to treat certain conditions, such as infertility, anxiety and asthma.

Benefits of Chinese needles: There is some evidence of the effectiveness of Chinese needles in treating a few cases, including migraine and postoperative nausea. On the other hand, there is little or no evidence of the effectiveness of Chinese needles in treating many of the cases that have traditionally been used to treat them, and there is a need for further research on the effectiveness of Chinese needles in the treatment of these cases.

There is no scientific evidence of the existence of energy pathways. However, some Chinese acupuncture scientists and practitioners believe that Chinese acupuncture alerts the musculoskeletal tissue, and that it may be responsible for the positive results observed in some clinical trials. It is important to remember that the feeling of improvement after some treatments may return to a phenomenon called placebo effect, not because of the treatment itself.

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