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Lumbar Disc Treated With Physiotherapist | Now in 6 October, Egypt

Lumbar Disc Pain: When the atrophy of cartilage is caused by the factor of aging or as a result of the injury, the nucleus of the central cartilage soft internal can be ruptured hernia, and graduated from the frame of the outer ring fibrous surrounding (Annulus fibrosus), and this abnormal rupture of the central part of the cartilage referred to as (disc herniation) cartilage slide. and treatment by physiotherapist.

One of the most common places in which the incidence of cartilage occurs is between the fourth lumbar paragraph and the fifth lumbar paragraph in the lower back. It is this area that absorbs the impact of the upper back, especially during standing or sitting. The lower back has a very large role in the human movement throughout its daily activities, especially when the trunk is pulled from side to side or when tilting the back or lifting things.

What is the anatomical structure of the spine?

The vertebrae consists of the vertebrae, the basis of its great structure, and there are between two vertebrae the disks of the spine (Discs), known as the "disk" or cartilage.
The ligaments surround the spine and cartilage. The spinal column consists of 7 vertebrae in the neck called cervical vertebrae, 12 vertebrae in the middle of the back and Thoracic vertebrae and 5 vertebrae in the lower back called lumber vertebrae. The paragraph is located in the middle of the buttocks under the fifth lumbar section, which is called "disability" followed by coccyx.

Causes of Disc Prolapse:

- Carry heavy objects so that the paragraphs will bend with them wrongly.
- Do an incorrect sudden movement.
- Genetic weakness in cartilage tissue.
- Lack of exercise.
- Infection of acute cough.
- Sit for long periods without exercising.
- Some professions that require exercise of great effort is a burden on the vertebral column.

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