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Low Back pain treatment With Physiotherapist | Now in 6 October, Egypt

Pain in the lower back, or above, has become common in modern times. Back pain may be caused by various causes, such as joint weakness, degenerative changes in the joints of the joints, disc disease, diseases of the rib cage or abdomen, or pain from a mechanical source. treatment by physiotherapist in 6 october clinic

The examination can see restrictions on the movements of the spine, but it is difficult to detect signs of radical stimulation (nerve root) or signs of neurological dysfunction, or even indications of the presence of supra-articular joints.

Causes and risk factors of back pain

  • Mechanical pain is caused by excessive pressure on muscles and joints in the lumbar vertebrae or dorsal vertebrae.
  • This kind of pain distinguishes people who are forced by the nature of their work to sit for long periods, especially in front of the computer or physical work that requires bending.
  • People with balance problems or people with problems in the spine (scoliosis, or kyphosis, for various reasons) also suffer from this pain. This back appears above the back muscles and worsens during movement.

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