Sheikh Zayed
الشيخ زايد - توين تاورز - مبني سي - الدور السادس - عياده م
N 90th street - New Cairo
التجمع الخامس - تريفيوم بيزنس - الدور الثاني - عياده 211

Acupuncture Doctor in Twin Towers for Pain Management in Egypt

Chinese acupuncture is a method of ancient Chinese medicine, which is based on insertion of several needles too thin in the skin of the patient in several areas or by the disease, and is a complementary medical procedure (complementary medicine).

As it is radically different from the various methods used in medicine The traditional basis of Chinese acupuncture is based on the belief that energy in the body travels through channels, which are called the meridians.

They believe that the loss of this energy To the occurrence of diseases and that Acupuncture is the one that recovers the flow of this energy which helps in the treatment and wellness, this method is used to treat many diseases.


Acupuncture is effective treatment for pain and you can feel better in same session

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