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How to Choose the right Physiotherapist in Sheikh zayed

How to Choose the right Physiotherapist in Sheikh zayed? and Get “Zero pain #0”


Physiotherapy or physical therapy, a treatment for the diagnosis, treatment and treatment of many diseases, disorders and disabilities using physical communication methods practiced by a physiotherapist.

The aim of physiotherapy is to restore the body to its normal functions, as well as to cure an injury or disease.The word physiotherapy consists of two parts: physio, which is physical and the second is therapy, ie, the use of physical therapy (massages) and manual therapy to help a person heal.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is always used so that the affected person or patient can recover his or her movement after injury or after exposure to the disease.

Physical therapy is a health-related science and profession that aims to rehabilitate and improve movement disorders in infected or sick people. Physical therapy methods are based on the use of physical means of exercise, stimulation and the use of some devices or by teaching the special skills to help them deal with the situation correctly and thus achieve rapid recovery.



Although physical therapy falls within the realm of traditional medicine, its practice may be carried out by specialized people who have received health education and training.

Physical therapy may address the same injury, and sometimes the other is used to help the patient to compensate for the loss of normal function of a body member can not use. Physical therapy in the past, which was offered to patients and sufferers, was limited to massage procedures and the exercise of the patient for some therapeutic exercises .. This is contrary to what is now in this important specialization.

Physical Therapist

The physiotherapy phase begins by assessing the condition of the patient or the patient either by knowing the medical

What a physiotherapist does
What a physiotherapist does

history of the condition and genetic history and by physical examination. Since the review of the medical history may involve self-judgment of the situation away from objectivity, the physical examination is more accurate but ultimately both important in the accurate diagnosis of the condition And provide the correct treatment for them.

The physiotherapist will also ask a number of questions related to the lifestyle of the person in which he or she is living, such as exercise, diet, work, personal life and stress related to health disorders.

After evaluation, treatment is chosen according to the patient’s specific needs.


What a physiotherapist does:

  • Follow the patient to know the physical problem that goes through.
  • Identify and review treatment options and programs.

Physiotherapy Helping patients with problems:

  • In the spine or joints and bones especially after undergoing surgery.

    Physiotherapy Helping patients with problems
    Physiotherapy Helping patients with problems
  • It treats many disorders related to heart, lung and circulatory disorders.
  • The physiotherapist also helps people suffering from mental disorders, learning disabilities or neurological disorders that affect the brain or the nervous system. How to help patients who require long-term treatment.
  • Rehabilitation of patients after an accident, injury or after stroke.
    More about blood clot ..
  • Supervision of physiotherapists.
  • Taking notes and reports for each patient.
  • Collection of statistics for each patient.
  • Teaching patients and their caregivers how to take care of the situation and avoid complications.
  • To keep abreast of all that is new in the field of physical therapy for use with patients.
  • Contact the other health care centers to know the patient’s condition, and may refer the patient to a specialized medical body in case of need of the situation.
  • The patient or the patient will continue with the physiotherapist for a long period of time to receive specialized counseling and the period will be for a few weeks or may extend for months.

Areas in which physical therapy is applied:



– One of the most common areas where physical therapy is applied is bone and joint injuries, especially after undergoing surgery, either to correct atrophy or deformity. A physiotherapist uses strength and exercise exercises to improve balance and coordination. A physiotherapist may also use electrical stimulation through some weak electrical impulses to stimulate nerve and muscle function.

– Fractures, soft tissue injuries or sports injuries.
– Post surgery.
– Spinal surgery.
– Complex cases that have existed with the person since birth or as a result of an accident or illness.
– A child born with a deformation on one of the limbs or exposed to amputation.
– Children suffering from chronic pain in the bones.

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