Sheikh Zayed
الشيخ زايد - توين تاورز - مبني سي - الدور السادس - عياده م
N 90th street - New Cairo
التجمع الخامس - تريفيوم بيزنس - الدور الثاني - عياده 211

Muscle spasm treated with Acupuncture in 6 October, Egypt

Diseases that treat Chinese acupuncture (Acupuncture), or which contribute to the treatment, are some diseases of blood and blood vessels and related. Musculoskeletal diseases, arthritis, neurological diseases and related diseases, treatment of cerebral atherosclerosis, lack of sleep, Muscle spasm, nerve pain of various nerves, facial nerve paralysis, pain and neck diseases, pain and disease down Back, neck twisting, neurosis, conflict and oedema. (clinic in 6 October, Egypt)

Psychiatric diseases treat alcoholism, drug addiction, addiction to smoking and, in some neuro degenerative diseases, neuro degenerative disorders, hysteria, male erectile dysfunction, sexual coldness in women, night and night urination in children and adults, as well as epilepsy.



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