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(Physiotherapist) Physical therapy specialization is one of the branches of the medical professions to assist the affected person to restore the functional movement that was affected by the exposure to illness or disability. It also helps reduce the risk of developing the disease in the future.

It is characterized by its comprehensive method of prevention and treatment of motor disorders through the use of several physical means and therapeutic exercises , And is carried out by the physiotherapist who has a degree in the field of physical therapy.

Musculoskeletal which is also called orthopaedic physiotherapy and is used to treat conditions such as

  1. Sprains,
  2. Back pain,
  3. Arthritis,
  4. Strains,
  5. incontinence,
  6. bursitis,
  7. posture problems,
  8. sport and workplace injuries,
  9. reduced mobility.
  10. Rehabilitation following surgery is also included within this category.
  11. Cervical spodylosis
  12. lumbar disc prolapse

Neurological- This is used to treat disorders of the nervous system including

  1. Strokes, spinal cord injuries,
  2. acquired brain injuries,
  3. multiple sclerosis
  4. Parkinson's disease.
  5. It can also be used for rehabilitation following brain surgery.
  6. Hemiplegia
  7. Bell's palsy
  8. Thoracic outlet syndrome
  9. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  10. Pain, Tingling and Numbness


Types of therapies (Physiotherapy):


  • Manual therapies – These can include
  • joint manipulation and mobilisation (which includes spinal mobilisation),
  • manual resistance training
  • stretching.
  1. Exercise programmes
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Posture re-training,
  • Stretching and training
  1. 2. Electrotherapy techniques – which consists of
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS),
  • laser therapy and ultrasound.

Physiotherapy is very important to relieve your problem away. Contact us for Appointment now.

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