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Frozen Shoulder: It starts with simple pains in the shoulder and begins to gradually increase pain until the pain reaches the patient to a stage that deprives him of sleep at night and keep him agitated during the day. It is a disease that freezes the shoulder joint which affects both males and females in equal proportions. Frozen shoulder It often attacks people over the age of 40, The joint freezing disease causes severe pain and stiffness, as the injured person can not perform the normal movements of the shoulder, but in the absence of arthritis is completely normal even if the situation lasts a year or two. And Physiotherapy clinic has big role to resolve this pain.

The most common symptoms associated with frozen shoulder pain This pain may continue for several months. During this period, the patient may notice a decrease in the extent of the shoulder joint movement in all directions, as it loses the ability to perform some necessary movements in routine life. Because of the stiffness of the shoulder joint, and eventually the pain is more painful to the patient awakening from his sleep at night, and this pain increases the patient on the affected shoulder, pain extends to the arm and hand, ultimately lead to the stiffness of the shoulder completely.

Causes of frozen shoulder pain

There are several causes of frozen shoulder pain and can be summarized as follows:
• Infections around the joint.
• Osteoarthritis in the joints of the neck is a common condition, and often feel the pain in the shoulder, in such a case the movements of the neck become painful and specific, while the movement of the shoulder freely as long as the neck fully installed.
• Accidents resulting from accidents.
Rheumatoid arthritis, where the shoulders appear stiff in the morning and the improvement occurs during the rest of the day. The hips may also be affected by the same condition. When the pain is only in one of the shoulders, the disorder tends to be around the joint rather than inside it.
• Osteoarthritis of clavicle.
• Some diseases, such as diabetes or a stroke, lead to paralysis of the affected limb.

Conclusion, Physiotherapy is most effective treatment for frozen shoulder and you will feel better from first session

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