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In traditional Chinese medicine, the imbalance in the vital active flow of life - known as qi and chi - causes disease. Chinese doctors believe that Qi flows through the body's longitudinal corridors. These lines and energy paths are reached by approximately 400 different points by inserting very thin needles into these points in different groups. Practitioners believe that acupuncture helps The flow of energy restores the natural balance. Allowing the body's natural mechanisms to control and achieve healing.

By contrast, western interpretation combines acupuncture and modern concepts of neuroscience. According to the National Institutes of Health, researchers are studying at least three possible explanations of how acupuncture works:

1. release hormones "endorphins", which are part of the system of pain control in your body to the central nervous system - the brain and spinal cord. This relieves pain such as taking the medicine.

2. Stimulation of the spinal cord: Acupuncture may stimulate nerves in the spinal cord to produce pain medication.

3. Change the blood stream: needles may increase the amount of blood flow in the area around the needle, and this increase stimulates blood to send more nutrients and expel more toxins.

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