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Neck pain is less common than lower back pain, but millions of people have neck or arm pain at a stage of their lives. Most neck pain improves Acupuncture treatment.

Neck region have seven vertebrae forming the neck in addition to a group of muscles, ligaments and nerves, each of which can be a cause of neck pain. Most of the acute neck pain is caused by neck or other muscle tension (ligaments, tendons) or rupture by a sudden neck force due to accidents, sudden movement, neck strain (neck stiffness caused by sleep or a high cushion) or stress Caused by carrying heavy bags.


Some Causes of Chronic Neck Pain:

  • Cervical disc prolapse: It may lead to the compression of the nerve roots of the cervical nerves leading to the pain of the neck, which spreads to the arm and sometimes the hands and fingers and is sometimes associated with numbness or tingling in the arm, hand and fingers.


  • Neck pain associated with specific activities or situations: This pain usually develops slowly over several years and often occurs after or during certain activities (eg weight lifting) .


  • Other reasons: Such as inflammation, tumors and osteoporosis.
  • Stiff neck stiffness. 


We remind you to consult your doctor immediately when there are:

  1. Weakness in arm or arms or loss of sense and consistency.
  2. If the pain is constant or increasing.
  3. If the pain is associated with lack of appetite, weight loss, nausea or fever.


Conclusion, Acupuncture has great effect in treatment Neck pain in same session

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