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How to Find a Good physiotherapist in Cairo, Egypt
How to Find a Good physiotherapist in Cairo, Egypt

Most people, including doctors Physiotherapist, ask personal references to find a top best doctor. But what do you do when you are away from home, or do you not know anyone who has direct knowledge of local doctors? My Mothers recently asked me to recommend a doctor to them in a scity where I did not know any of my colleagues personally. This is steps process to find best right physiotherapist doctor!


  1. Select the type of doctor you need. You’ll be amazed at the number of different specialists who treat the same symptoms – depending on the reason behind them. Take “Back pain” for example-should you see a primary care physician, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, anesthesiologist, rheumatology specialist or rehabilitation specialist to assess your symptoms? This depends on the cause of the pain that may not be clear to you yet. The first step to finding a good doctor is to know what type fits your potential diagnosis. The recoil may be from a specialist to an expensive specialist, so if you are not sure what kind of doctor specializes in treating your illness or condition (or if you are not diagnosed yet), first start with your primary care physician.
  2. Prepare a list of all the physician (of the specialty you need) in your city. This list can be by your company carrier or by an google search of doctor-finder databases in Finder directory.
  3. Collect the online options to your preferences. Check out the doctors: Check the patient’s reviews (take it with a salt pill if it is skewed by a disgruntled patient). Make sure they accept new patients.
  4. Call an appointment booking. Consider top qualities in a good physician experience.
  5. Bring all medical report (Come prepared).  Prepare your list of medications. Bring your Xray.
  6. Reward good doctors with good recommendations online so that others benefit. Doctor ratings are just as reliable as the reviewers. Help other patients identify good doctors by encouraging those who deserve it.
  7. Physiotherapist Qualifications. As with any health expert, it is essential that a physiotherapist be fully qualified and fully accredited. They are required by law to obtain a degree in an accredited educational institution, and to register with the Australian Physiotherapy Board (PBA). PBA is responsible for maintaining high professional standards, keeping the “Cowboys “, ensuring adherence to the rules of practice and ensuring that practitioners are fully insured.
  8. Clinic Location. It may seem a minor problem but the site is a must-have, especially when the injury or condition to be treated is chronic. Long distance driving is not wise when you have muscle and bone problems, while physical therapy after surgery can be a delicate process. So, if you can, choose a nearby physiotherapist, or not hard to reach, easily accessible (wheelchair ladders).


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