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Headache is the most common complaint in the world. Almost everyone suffers from one or the other headache, migraine, sinusitis and headaches due to pressure and other types of headaches and multiple causes.

In general, severe headaches can be characterized by severe pain in the back of the head, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and sometimes vomiting. A person may feel, before a headache attack, sensitive to intense light, inability to concentrate and inability to work properly.


Three main types of headaches:

  • Tension headache: This is the most common headache and is often seen in women. It is characterized by the pain of a "gang" around the head and lasts for several days, and often this headache depends on pressure factors.


  • Migraine: It is the most common headache, which appears in women, mainly. Migraine may disrupt the patient for a few days, and may be accompanied by vomiting and severe dizziness. Sometimes there are early signs of an approaching migraine, such as numbness in the legs and hands, blurred vision and inability to concentrate.


  • Cluster headaches: It is the strongest headache of all types. It appears suddenly, on a daily basis and lasts for several weeks, then disappears for several months and returns again. Hence his name came: cluster headaches. It is characterized by very strong pain, runny nose, pain in the eyes and face. It is more common among men of all ages.


Finally, Acupuncture has great effect in treatment Headache and migraine