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Date of symptoms, Your doctor will check your symptoms. For example, because the middle nerve does not give a sensation to your small finger, symptoms in that finger may indicate a problem other than the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome usually occur while carrying the phone or newspaper, holding the steering wheel, or waking up at night.

Physical examination: Your doctor will perform a physical examination. You will experience sensation in your fingers and muscle strength in your hand.

Stimulating the wrist, or simply squeezing or squeezing the nerve can induce symptoms in many people.
X ray. Some doctors recommend X-rays on the affected wrist, to rule out the causes of other wrist pain, such as arthritis or fracture.

Electrophysiological chart:

This test measures small electrical discharges that are excreted in the muscles. During this test, the doctor inserts a fine needle pole into specific muscles to assess the electrical activity when the muscles catch and relax. This test may recognize muscle damage and may exclude other diseases.

Examination of the conduction of nerves. In a different type of electrocardiography, two electric electrodes are placed on your skin. Pass a small shock across the median nerve to explore whether the electrical impulses will slow down in the carpal tunnel. This test can be used to diagnose your condition and exclude other cases.


Alternative Medicine

  • Alternative therapies have been incorporated into the treatment plan to help you adapt to carpal tunnel syndrome. You may have to experiment to find the right treatment for you. Check with your doctor before trying any alternative or complementary medicine.
  • Yoga. Yoga positions designed to strengthen, lengthen, and balance the upper body and joints may help reduce pain and strengthen grip strength.
  • Hand treatment. Early research suggests that some functional and natural therapies may reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Ultrasonic Therapy. High intensity ultrasound can be used to raise the temperature of the target area of ​​the body tissue to relieve pain and improve healing. Research shows inconsistent results with this treatment, but the ultrasound therapy program for several weeks may help reduce symptoms.
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