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Best Physiotherapy clinic in Egypt for TCM Chinese medicine
Best Physiotherapy clinic in Egypt for TCM Chinese medicine

Physiotherapy Many people believe that physical therapy is a luxury and that it is not important. They believe that once they are referred to the physiotherapist, the treatment period is over, ignoring its importance, its great impact on the health of their bodies and its important role in treating the pain. , Improves blood circulation, strengthens the back muscles, improves the position of the spine to increase its elasticity, and after we have known all those benefits of physiotherapy, we now have to know what physical therapy is. we offer Treatment with TCMPhysiotherapy clinic in Egypt Chinese medicine in Physiotherapy clinic.

Physical therapy is a medical profession that is offered to individuals in order to restore their mobility as much as possible prior to injury. It also develops and maintains functional abilities at all ages. Physical therapy is capable of treating symptoms, disaeases and pains in a natural way without any Surgical or medical intervention, so that the body is free of chemical toxins that harm his organs.


Best Physiotherapy clinic in Egypt:

  1. Therapeutic exercises #1

Therapeutic exercises are carried out on a scientific and planned basis, by the physiotherapist according to the individual's condition and according to injury. These exercises aim to restore the normal functions of the injured part, to maintain the current position as it is, or to increase its efficiency to respond to the body And interact with them until the injured part is rehabilitated.


  1. Hydrotherapy #2

The individual therapeutic exercises are conducted in a water pond in cooperation with a highly experienced and well-trained therapist on this type of treatment.

  • Facilitate flexibility of movement exercises.
  • Strengthens resistance during reinforcement exercises.
  • Facilitate activities that require weight-bearing on the ground.
  • Facilitate manual treatment.
  • Facilitate exercises that will increase the strength of both circulation and breathing.
  • Ensure that the patient relax during the treatment session.
  • Reduce the risk of injury, or re-infection in the rehabilitation program.


  1. Manual therapy #3

Here, many different symptoms are diagnosed and treated using the hands so that the member responsible for the pain or limitation in this member is identified and divided into a moving or soft tissue treatment, moving and treating the joints.


  1. Thermotherapy #4

It is one of the most used methods, especially in patients with muscle tension, and aims to heat the affected area, and increase flow and pain relief.


  1. Cryotherapy #5

Here, cold and low temperatures are used to treat pain, tension or swelling, to relieve pain, treat modern and chronic injuries, help movement, get rid of bulging, and muscle strain.


  1. Electrotherapy #6

This treatment aims to heat the affected area, to relieve pain and swelling, work on healing wounds, and rehabilitation of the muscle.





Best Physiotherapy clinic in Egypt
Best Physiotherapy clinic in Egypt
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