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Best Physiotherapy clinic in Cairo for Herniated disc treatment
Best Physiotherapy clinic in Cairo for Herniated disc treatment
The goal of the treatment of Herniated Disc is to alleviate the pain of the legs and lower back pain caused by pressure on the root of the nerve in the spinal cord, and treatment provides comfort and confidence in the treatment period. Physiotherapy have great effect in treatment of Herniated Disc in Cervical, thoracic and lumbar region in Egypt.

Symptoms of lower back Herniated Disc:

Numbness and itching in the lower limbs.
Severe pain in lower back and lower leg and back.
Difficult to stand for long periods.
Severe pain when walking for a long time.
Shrinking muscles of the back and legs.
Many complications as leg muscle cramps.
Some problems in the urine, such as constipation, retention or inability to control it.


Causes of Herniated Disc:

Aging, which would work to dry cartilaginous discs between the vertebrae.
The way to sit wrong for long periods and repeatedly.
Excess weight causes weight on the lower back area.
Problems in ligaments that support cartilage.
Disorder in the cartilage itself.
Do not exercise that strengthens your muscles.
General weakness in the back muscles, due to genetic factors.
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