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Best Manual Therapy clinic in Egypt For Neck - Back pain
Best Manual Therapy clinic in Egypt For Neck - Back pain

Manual therapy: The head weighs about five kilograms, the neck carries the task of carrying it, allowing it to move right and left, up and down, in addition to forming a passage for the spinal cord, and containing blood vessels that carry blood to and from the head. In view of the internal structures of the neck, , Joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves, as well as seven bone vertebrae, separating each and every one of the intervertebral disks that absorb shock to the neck. Manual therapy is effective.

In fact, a person may suffer from neck pain, whether for short or continuous periods, for various reasons, including neck spasm, which can be defined as an involuntary and sudden contraction of the neck muscles, to feel pain or The cramping pain may last for a few minutes, or extend for several hours or even days after neck muscles relax and return to normal.

Physiotherapy Neck exercises:

There are a number of exercises that can be done to treat neck spasm.

Exercise 1: This exercise requires the person to lie on his back with his knees bent, and then he rest his head with his two hands, and try to move his head towards his chest, and stay on this position for ten seconds, and it is recommended to repeat this five times.

Exercise 2: Stand straight, hold the right hand in the left hand behind the back, tilt one shoulder slightly down, move the head towards the other shoulder, and stay in position for 15-30 seconds. It is recommended to repeat this exercise three times on both sides of the body.

Exercise 3: Put the right hand on the head, and then tilt the head towards the right side of the chest, and then re-exercise tilting the head to the left of the chest, and advised to repeat this exercise three times.


Physiotherapy Home Exercise

Here are some home remedies that help relieve pain and neck stiffness:

Massage: The patient can massage his or her own neck, or ask someone else to do so, with the fingers of the hands on the jerky part of the neck, and the circular motion.
Use ice packs to relieve the pain and cramps of muscles, including neck spasm. It is worth noting that it is important not to put ice directly on the skin, but to wrap it with a towel, for example, and put it on the neck for no more than ten continuous minutes. Repeated use of ice compresses at no more than once per hour.
Application of heat: Heat helps to relieve frequent neck cramps, and heat can be applied to the position of cramping using warm compresses.
Stress relief: Stress and stress increase the risk of neck cramping. Stress can be relieved by rest, meditation, yoga and deep breathing.


When you calling doctor

Although most cases of neck cramps are as simple and unsettling as we have mentioned, there are some cases that may indicate a serious problem. Here are some cases of neck cramps that require a doctor's review:

Suffering from neck stiffness after receiving a blow or injury.
Persistent neck stiffness for more than a week, or if the cramping is severe.
Headache and severity worsen over time, accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting and nausea.
Increased severity of neck pain over time or its extension to one or both arms.
Meningitis is a serious disease that can cause stiffness or stiffness of the neck. Symptoms include severe fever, chills, headache, and, in some cases, purple spots on the body.

Best Manual Therapy clinic in Egypt
Best Manual Therapy clinic in Egypt
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