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Chinese Acupuncture needles are one of the most important techniques of traditional Chinese medicine. They are placed at certain points in the body to relieve pain and treat some diseases. They have spread in most parts of the world recently. Western doctors consider a way to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue, which increases the stimulation of blood flow and the production of natural substances analgesic Of pain.

Circle 5 Clinic

Condition treatment by Acupuncture

At Circle 5 Clinic

1. Shoulder pain

·      Tennis Elbow

2. Elbow pain

·      Golfer Elbow

3. Wrist pain

·      Thoracic outlet syndrome

4. Hip pain

·      scalene muscles pain

5. Knee pain

·      Eye Headache

6. Ankle pain

·      Blood Circulation

7. Neck pain

·      Numbness

8. Back pain

·      Carpal tunnel syndrome

9. Cervical Disc

·      Foot pain

10. Thoracic Disc

·      Tingling sensation

11. Lumbar Disc

·      Cancer pain

12. Sacrum Disc

·      Joint pain after chemotherapy


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