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Best Acupuncture clinic in Egypt for TCM Chinese medicine
Best Acupuncture clinic in Egypt for TCM Chinese medicine

Acupuncture TCM Energy for the body in general called QI which moves through the body through different levels called meridians, and therefore any imbalance or loss of balance in the flow of this energy in the body leads The Chinese doctors have practiced these medical beliefs in China for thousands of years. These techniques have begun to gain popularity among the peoples of the Western world recently. we offer Treatment with TCM Chinese medicine in Acupuncture clinic.


What are uses of Chinese medicine? 

People have used Chinese medicine techniques to treat a wide range of diseases, from asthma and allergies to cancer and infertility. These treatments generally include several main areas:

1 - Chinese needles: in which the use of metal needles placed in certain anatomical places along the existence of levels of "K"

2 - Chinese pressure technique: It is similar to the Chinese acupuncture principle, but is used by the hands or fingers to achieve pressure on certain anatomical places in order to remove obstacles to the movement of energy in the body

3 - Chinese herbs: A group of herbal plants, powders, roots and animal materials used to achieve balance of the body

4 - techniques similar to cupping: where the cups are filled with hot air on certain areas and discharge from the air to practice suction on the area to set them to stimulate energy in this region is very similar to the Arab cupping technique in which the body gets rid of blood in certain areas It is a corrupt blood according to this belief.

5. Food: The division of Chinese foods into Yin and Yang makes the use of foods effective in restoring balance between the two forces in the body

6 - Massage: Detecting certain places in the body based on the same Chinese rules

7 - Hot Moxa plant: The process called moxibustion, where the use of parts of the Chinese moxa after heating on certain places of the body









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