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Chinese needles are very thin needles that are inserted in specific places of the body to treat or prevent certain diseases. The Chinese were the first to use the needles for treatment, more than a thousand years ago.

The Chinese believe that the needles work to restore balance in the body, and that the energy (called in the Chinese "Qi") going in different paths in the human body, and for unknown reasons, some tracks suffer imbalance affects the energy flow, and can be rebalancing needles in places Certain of these tracks.

Initially, there were about 365 points in the body for needle, but the number of these points increased significantly with the development of treatment. The result of treatment depends on where the needle is located and on the corner in which the needle is inserted. The practitioner needs deep training to reach a reasonable level in practice The needles can sometimes be replaced by direct pressure on specific points. Sometimes a high electrical current can be used to increase the therapeutic effect. Normally, no chemical is placed on the needles .

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