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Shoulder is the most active joints in our body, but it is also the most susceptible to various types of pain and injury, as it is a preliminary indicator of many diseases. and Acupuncture have great effect in shoulder pain.

Exposure to an accident or impact with a hard object is one of the most important causes of shoulder pain, which can lead to a dislocation in the shoulder joint, making the shoulder movement almost impossible due to severe pain. A defect or inflammation of the joint that is responsible for moving the shoulder up or on one side also causes pain in the upper part of the arm and the pain is evident when the arm is moved sideways.

Most common Causes of shoulder pain: 

  • If there is a problem in the neck as a result of an accident or poor sleep, or because of inflammation, it will affect the shoulder, and will cause pain.
  • Dislocation of the shoulder muscles or the presence or injury of the injury, which may result from excessive exercise, specifically sports where the right hand is used more than left, such as volleyball, basketball or golf, and may also be due to exposure to a particular accident.
  • Shoulder joint injury in some diseases such as rheumatism or shoulder-frozen disease, which results in the patient's inability to move his shoulder.
  • Problems with the shoulder tendons: tendons are the tissues that connect the muscles to the bones. Sometimes, these tendons can cause inflammation of the shoulder, such as cystitis or inflammation of the tendon.
  • There is a pressure on the veins and nerves passing through the shoulder or neck, which is called "chest exit syndrome", which can cause severe pain in the right shoulder area specifically, accompanied by swelling of the shoulder and turn to blue.
  • An injury to liver disease may cause pain in the right shoulder area.
  • Excessive use of computers. If there is a problem with gallbladder or abdominal pain, it may move to the right shoulder.


Acupuncture has great effect in treatment Shoulder Pain in same session

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